Seattle Times’ contributor Geoff Baker recently sat down for a visit in the home of Don and Amy Joss. Don owns DJ’s Sportscards and spends his days engaging sports fans who are also collectors. But he’s never far from the rest of his family. On this particular day, Don (age 44) had five of his children helping him behind the counter.

You see, it was a big day in the shop. Seahawks wide receiver, Kasen Williams, was signing autographs. Williams isn’t the only sports star to grace the shop. Many others have come, donating their time, their autographs, and lots and lots of photos with fans, to help raise money for Don and Amy’s family.

There are currently 15 children in the Joss household—some biological, some adopted, and many with extreme special needs. This loving family recently purchased a 2600 square foot manufactured home sitting away from the road on five acres. This allows the family privacy and protection from prying eyes. Many of the special needs include physical abnormalities, which often draw attention. After the family’s first adoption, which took place through foster care, the couple began international adoptions.

This came about because, with their growing number of children, too often there was red tape getting around the sheer number of children in their family. With international adoptions they’ve experienced they’ve had no such problems. Regardless, the family is all about helping individuals, no matter where they come from. Having had a biological daughter with special needs, they found that this was something they could manage, so they’ve set out to change the world, one child at a time.

Thankfully the Josses have the support of many sports stars as well as the church they attend.  In addition, they’ve been the recipient of grants to help them bring their children home.

The full, interesting story, written by Geoff Baker after spending time in the Joss home, can be read here.