Every morning, my coworkers and I huddle around a white board, and discuss our “numbers” and where we stand as a team.  I am a No Fault Claims representative for State Farm Insurance.  I love my job, and I love the opportunities I get to speak about adoption, if only one sentence.  One sentence, even one word can impact someone’s entire life from that moment forward.

One Monday morning, my teammates and I lumbered up to the whiteboard.  Every week our boss asked a team member to come up with an uplifting quote for the week.  I looked at the white board and saw that we still had the same quote from a month ago.  My manager finished going over our statistics and asked if we had anything to add.  I hesitated to bring up National Adoption Month, even though I am very close with my team and consider them my “other family.”  I decided I wanted to spread the word about adoption and National Adoption Month.  So I began to speak: “I know many of you probably do not care about this, but November is National Adoption Month.  I just wanted to share the information.”  I did not expect what came next.  I heard the expected, “ooh” utterances, but then my manager spoke up.  She had a smile on her lips and in her eyes when she revealed that in the future she would like to foster a child.  Just a short sentence and I had spread the word about National Adoption Month.  My speaking had led to words about fostering children.  I am hopeful this brief discussion will lead to more in depth discussions about foster children and adoption.

I spend more time at work than I do at home.  I work in a cubicle.  I have tried to make it comfy and cozy with photos of my family, and I have even let dust settle on my shelves and on my desk.  Just like home!  I decided to put up a photo of my biological mother Joan. I am hoping someone will ask who it is, and it will lead to a conversation about adoption, search and reunion.  I have a necklace that has three symbols on it.  It has a sun, a star and a heart engraved on it.  Each symbol has a meaning.  One stands for the birth parent (s), one for the adoptive parent(s), and one for the adoptee.  There have been a couple occasions when I have worn the necklace and been asked by a coworker what it stands for.  I gladly take the opportunity to explain the adoption “triangle” and which part of the triangle I am.

I work for a large corporation.  Every single day adoption is part of my vocabulary.  My adoption and reunion story had been told by a work friend to a coworker I had never met. This enabled me to meet with this coworker and hear her adoption story, through the eyes of an adoptive mother.

I hope I can continue to spread knowledge about adoption during November and every month after.  It only takes one word to begin a conversation that could change lives for the better.  Adoption and fostering can complete multiple hearts with unconditional love for a child.