A lot has been happening on the home front these days. There was my “Easter surprise,” in which I had an unexpected nine-day luxury vacation with meals delivered bedside and round-the-clock attendants. Okay, okay, the attendants were nurses and the food was hospital food, but it was still extremely relaxing.

While I was on my luxurious “spa” vacation, I got hired for the second job. This was only day two of my stay, so I optimistically still expected them to walk in and say, “Our mistake, you’re perfectly healthy.” So I said, “yes” to the job. I started work a week after coming home from the hospital.

Just prior to that unexpected sojourn, I had begun applying for jobs. It occurred to me that we were going to need some money for the Bigs’ college, and we were going to need it fast. We use every penny my hardworking hubby brings home, so there was an obvious need for some help from me. Not having worked in 17 years. Hold on … hahahahahahaha. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever said. Whew! That was crazy. Let’s start over.

Not having been employed outside the home for many years, I was just not sure how long it would take to find a job. I saw a listing for a teller position literally down the street from us, so I applied. Then I saw another bank looking for tellers nearby, so I applied there, too. I did not dream I’d get hired, but I thought it important to get my feet wet.

So I am a “working woman” again.  More later on how all of that is impacting the Littles and the Bigs.