4 Ways To Announce You’re Adopting

“We are hoping to adopt!” has never been so cute.

Ellen Haws January 27, 2017

Growing a family is always a very exciting time. Pregnancy announcements have become popular and seem to flood social media with happy images of pregnant mamas and proud papas. For those of us who grow our family by adoption, we can get in on the fun, too! Adoption announcements make my heart skip a beat because I know what an adventure has begun! Click through and look at some options to announce “We are hoping to adopt!”

“We are starting our adventure!”
1. “We are starting our adventure!”

I love photo announcements and find this one to be particularly great! It leaves room for the story of adoption to develop itself. Adoption is an adventure and the journey should be celebrated. Simplify the process by hiring someone to help you make your announcement; there are lots of options on Etsy including this one by AMBABYBOUTIQUE.

“We are looking for our missing piece!”
2. “We are looking for our missing piece!”

I love the concept of this announcement. It speaks of such strong desire and hope to complete a family. Incidentally, I think this could also be a great fundraiser. The hopeful couple could auction off puzzle pieces for their loved ones to buy. The auction winner then writes his or her name on the back of the puzzle piece. Once all the pieces are sold, build the puzzle with the names showing and frame it for the nursery.

Book Announcement
3. Book Announcement

I call this the book club announcement. There are a large number of children’s books that focus on adoption specifically. Purchase multiple copies of the book of your choice and mail it out to your loved ones with a note in the back of the book, “We are adopting!” It also makes a great date night going to a bookstore and looking for the right book to use for your announcement. I also love that there is now a book waiting to be shared with your little one when they arrive.

Older Child Adoption
4. Older Child Adoption

Adoption is not exclusive to newborns and of all the adoption announcements I have seen for older children, this one is my favorite. Not only does it crack me up, but also this announcement does an incredible job of sharing some of the personality of the adopted individual. Clearly, Latrell has an amazing sense of humor. It made me laugh and immediately endeared me to him.

You can read more about this here.

As with anything in adoption the most important thing is to be true to you. Use your announcement as an opportunity to share what makes you unique, what makes you special. How did you announce your adoption? Please share with me in the comments below!

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Ellen Haws

Ellen Haws is a writer and stay-at-home momster to two boys. She is an advocate for special needs individuals and special needs adoption. She created and is administrator of a thriving Facebook group that promotes and hosts events for special needs individuals and their families in Arizona. Once her hausfrau duties are finished, Ellen can be found creating sarcastic cross stitch art for her loved ones.

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