5 Adoption Quotes That Actually Capture the Realities of Open Adoption

Open adoption is complex - and beautiful.

Kristin Anderson February 16, 2018

Open adoption is one of those things that is rich and complex. Like any relationship, a successful open adoption requires sacrifice, humility, mutual commitment, patience, and compassion. There are losses and grief on all sides, and those can be raw at times. But through the challenges, love binds everyone together, expanding in a way that is breathtaking and life-giving.

And that’s why I love the following quotes about open adoption. I hope you enjoy them, too!

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Kristin Anderson

Kristin Anderson is an adoptive mother who lives with her son, husband, and two crazy dogs. She loves open adoption and is always looking for ways to help in the adoption community. You can find her blog at www.lookingforlittleone.wordpress.com

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