5 Adorable Valentine’s Day Crafts To Send To Your Child’s Birth Parents

5 handprint, footprint, or fingerprint gifts that would make adorable keepsakes

Kristy O'Neal February 01, 2018

Valentine’s Day is a great time to make something fun for your child’s birth parents. Christmas and Mother’s Day can be fraught with expectations and big feelings, but Valentine’s Day is a fun, casual holiday. Handprint, footprint, and fingerprint crafts are a sweet way to personalize your craft and can make a nice keepsake, as well. Below are five simple but adorable crafts you can make with your kiddos.

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day crafts?

Handprint Suncatcher
1. Handprint Suncatcher

Credit: Twodaloo

Handprints are a great idea for gifts, and this adorable Handprint Suncatcher from Twodaloo (via Crafty Texas Girls) is so sweet. The trickiest part of this craft is the paint. You can use washable paint to make clean-up easier. If your kids are young, consider following the author’s suggestion to let your kids paint, and get their handprints as a little side project.

Heart Thumbprint Charms
2. Heart Thumbprint Charms

Credit: That’s What Che Said

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, these Heart Thumbprint Charms from That’s What Che Said are also pretty simple, and would work as a gift for a birth mom or dad. You can customize them into whatever shape you want, and easily make them into necklaces or keychains with the right hardware. If you want to skip the paint, choose oven bake clay in a different color, or just leave it white.

Handprint Heart Tree
3. Handprint Heart Tree

Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Older kids might enjoy making this Handprint Heart Tree from I Heart Crafty Things. Just make sure to supervise appropriately while using scissors and a stapler. For kids with a shorter attention span, or if you want to keep your craft flat to make it easier to send in the mail, use pre-cut hearts or stickers on the top of the tree.

Blowing Kisses Cards
4. Blowing Kisses Cards

Credit: Life Is Sweet

These Blowing Kisses Cards from Life Is Sweet are a great way to incorporate both a photo and a handprint in your gift. And, as a bonus, they’re easy to send in the mail! You can use scrapbook paper or have your kids color plain white cardstock. Using paint is probably the quickest way to get your child’s handprint, but you could also trace your child’s hand and have them color inside the lines.

Baby Footprints Heart Card
5. Baby Footprints Heart Card

Credit: Jany Claire

If your child is very young, capturing their footprint might be easier than getting a clean handprint. This Baby Footprints Heart Card from Jany Claire would make a beautiful keepsake. You can modify this idea to make the cards as layered or as simple as you want.

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