7 Adoption Pictures that will Leave You in Tears

Check out these once in a lifetime moments.

Shelley Skuster July 28, 2015

Meeting your child–no matter how he or she is brought into your world—can be a beautiful moment.

As adoptive parents, some of us may witness our child’s first breath at the hospital. Others may wrap their arms around their son for the first time inside an airport, or squeeze tightly when a social worker drops off a set of siblings for a new foster care placement.

Do you have photos of the first moments with your child? We’d love to see them — share them in the comments below!

Tears of Joy
1. Tears of Joy

Through tears of joy, this Arkansas mom and her husband meet the child—a son—they’ve been praying for over 12 years.

Photo Credit: Laura Kellerman

From Love to Love
2. From Love to Love

Moments after baby Ayden was born, his birth mom requests the nurses place him into his mother’s arms.

Photo Credit: Gusdizon Photography

Together, We Are Motherhood
3. Together, We Are Motherhood

A Utah mom holds her daughter and embraces her daughter’s birth mom. “I told her I loved her. I'm not sure how I was still standing,” she says of the moment her daughter was placed into her arms.

Photo Credit: Brittany Cascio

Welcome Home
4. Welcome Home

A Tennessee family is welcomed home from South Korea with a crowd at the airport.

Photo Credit: Chesley Summar Photography

Love at First Sight
5. Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight for an Iowa couple who met their daughter for the first time inside a Texas hospital.

Photo Credit: Isadora Photography

Safely Home
6. Safely Home

A California family is welcomed by family and friends at the airport with their son Moses, who was born in the Congo.

Photo Credit: Gusdizon Photography

There You Are
7. There You Are

An emotional moment is captured when a mom holds her daughter in China for the first time.

Photo Credit: Ashley Ann Campbell

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