The Chinese government has been working to track down on child trafficking. They recently ran a sting operation and rescued 37 newborn babies who had been abducted with the purpose of being sold for up to $13,000 each.

The child trafficking in China is not for the purposes of sex slavery, but rather children are sold to adoptive families in China to help with work and to carry on the family’s name. Sun Bin was one of those children. He was abducted from a vegetable market at the age of four. Reunited recently with his father at a train station, Sun Youhong, the father, told CNN, “I was happy. I was grateful. But I was also bitter.”

When Sun Bin was abducted, his parents frantically searched. With no success, his mother and father assumed he had been adopted. They continued to hold out hope. Twenty four years later, the now adult Sun Bin has found his family. Sadly, his mother passed away in 2011 without ever knowing the fate of her son. After his abduction, his parents had another child –- a daughter whom Sun Bin is now developing a relationship with.

Sun Bin’s search for his biological family began as an older child. He always felt like he was adopted, but never asked his adoptive family about it. Finally, he gave a DNA sample to a local police station last year and recently he found out there was a match. This led to him finding his family.

Sun Bin’s father faults his son’s adoptive family as well as the abductors. He has said, though, that he would not press charges as long as his son is allowed to remain with him. Sun Bin is with his biological family now, but has not yet decided where he will stay.