“If you have the heart for adoption, don’t let fear stand in the way.”

This quote comes from Doug Chapman and was found on Adoption.com’s “25 Beloved Adoption Quotes.”

I adore this quote, and I believe it is very powerful and true. If you have the heart for adoption, whether you’re an expecting parent looking to place your baby or a prospective parent looking to adopt, I hope fear isn’t standing in your way. As a birth mother, I am so happy I did not let fear stand in my way. Adoption has impacted my life so drastically. Adoption has impacted my birth son’s life and his parents’ lives in such an incredible way. The beauty of seeing my birth son with his parents has made my decision extremely worth it. Working with an adoption agency helped calm a lot of those fears that I had when I first started my journey of adoption as a birth mom.

If you are in the state of Florida and are looking to adopt or place your baby, I hope that you are well-informed of all the information about adoption in Florida. At this link, you will find extensive information about adoption in Florida. Some of this information includes information on domestic infant adoptions, international adoptions, and foster care adoptions specifically in the state of Florida. Here, you will also find galleries of children waiting to be adopted in Florida right now. You will also find many resources available to you and information on Florida adoption groups that will assist you on this journey. It always helps to have support when you are making this adoption decision. You will also find some information on adoption agencies in Florida, which we will take a closer look at here in this article. Additionally, you will find answers to many frequently asked questions regarding adoption in Florida. In this article, “Adopting a Child in Florida” by Julianna Mendelsohn, you will find the outline of requirements for adopting a child in this state. These requirements and laws are specific to the state of Florida and provide a better understanding of what is to be expected on this journey and gives you researched answers to the process. She also provides great advice, and I recommend reading this informative article no matter where you are on your adoption journey.

I believe one of the most important decisions on the adoption journey is choosing an adoption agency. Adoption agencies are extremely helpful to all parties involved in an adoption. They are there to support prospective parents looking to adopt. They are also there to support expecting parents looking to place their child for adoption. Additionally, they are there to handle all the necessary paperwork and legalities of the adoption process to ensure that adoptions are handled correctly. They are also there to provide information and resources needed to everyone involved in the adoption. Today, we are going to specifically explore adoption agencies in Florida.

So, how do you choose the right adoption agency? Take a look at this article written by Sarah M. Baker. It is titled, “Selecting an Adoption Agency Guide: Choosing the right agency for you.” She provides 15 things to ask an adoption agency while searching for the right one for your adoptive situation. She provides extra details and explains why these questions are so great and necessary to ask. I’ve listed the 15 questions she provides insight on below. Take a look at the article so you can understand why these questions are so important.

  1. What services do they provide expectant mothers?

  2. Do they offer ongoing support to all members of the adoption triad?

  3. How long is their average wait?

  4. How many families do they work with?

  5. How many placements do they do per year?

  6. What is their fee structure?

  7. When are the fees due?

  8. How do they handle living expenses?

  9. Do they offer support while you wait?

  10. Do they offer different rates depending on race? (Agencies that do so are unethical, and therefore, you’d want to steer very clear of them).

  11. How do they advertise?

  12. Do they support open adoption?

  13. How well do they communicate?

  14. How does the agency handle expectant fathers?

  15. Just ask questions!

Hopefully, this article will help you before or while you search through adoption agencies in Florida. It is great to be prepared ahead of time before searching, and regardless of your position on an adoption triad, an adoption agency has the capability to provide immense support and answers to the loads of questions you may have. This is why selecting an adoption agency in Florida is so important.

Have you heard about any local adoption agencies in Florida? Have you researched where the adoption agencies in Florida are located? This may seem like an overwhelming task, and that is why diving into adoption resources can be such an advantage for you. Kristin Anderson wrote an article titled, “Adoption Agencies near Me: Finding the right adoption agency is very important as you start down the path towards adopting.” In her article, she gives firsthand advice regarding the search for a local adoption agency. My favorite highlight of this article is when she advised about how she managed through her journey of adoption agency searches. She created an excel spreadsheet to organize her adoption agency search. In her spreadsheet, she was able to keep track and document the names of the agencies she spoke with. For each adoption agency, she was able to document the wait time, costs, and additional notes or details of each agency. Then she was able to compare all of the information that was gathered on each adoption agency, which in turn, helped her make her decision of which adoption agency she ultimately wanted to work with. This seems like a great way to get started organizing all the information while on your search through adoption agencies in Florida. She also provides a very neat tool to search adoption agencies in Florida at this link. For adoption agencies in Florida, this tool will bring you directly to another link that contains a listing of many adoption agencies in Florida. You can find this listing on this page. This link provides over ten different adoption agencies in Florida. Some of the major names provided of the adoption agencies in Florida are listed below:

  1. Heart of Adoptions, Inc.

  2. A Bond of Love Adoption Agency

  3. Heart to Heart Adoptions

  4. Connecting Hearts Adoption Services

  5. Gladney Center for Adoption

One of these adoption agencies listed also includes a video of an interview with a birth mom who has worked with that agency and is asked why she chose to place her child for adoption. This is a great place to start and offers plenty of different options for you while searching through adoption agencies in Florida. Another way to search for adoption agencies in Florida is directly through the Internet. When I searched for adoption agencies in Florida, I was able to get information on several different adoption agencies. Below I have listed the names of the adoption agencies in Florida I found, along with contact information and a brief statement by the agency.

ACF Adoptions

Phone: 1-800-348-0467


“ACF is a licensed, private adoption agency that provides professional adoption services to birth mothers, adoptive parents, and children since 1992. We believe in putting people before the process–ensuring every plan is customized to the individual family’s situation and needs. Our adoption attorneys and counselors know just how stressful the adoption process can be, so we provide a listening ear, personal attention, and expert legal counsel to make things as easy for you as possible.”

Heart of Adoptions, Inc

Phone: 1-800-GO-ADOPT


“At Heart of Adoptions Inc., our primary mission is to create families through adoption. However, we take this one step further by ensuring that all our clients, expectant parents, their children, and hopeful adoptive families, are treated as individuals with unique needs, situations, and emotions. We believe in flexibility, respect, and confidentiality. To complete this mission, we believe in employing a staff that is passionate about all aspects of adoption. From our office manager greeting everyone entering the front door to the case managers who work so closely with birth mothers to help with prenatal care and other support needs, to the attorney conducting everything from consents to finalization, you will be surrounded by a support staff of dedicated professionals who believe in dignity and respect, regardless of the situation or personal choices. We strive to make every adoption experience the best it can be.”

Gift of Life Adoptions

Phone: 1-800-216-LIFE


“Gift of Life Adoptions is a private adoption agency designed to help create families through adoption. We have an office in the Tampa Bay area; however, we are a statewide agency, and we have been creating families for the past 25 years. We provide complete adoption services to adoptive parents and birth parents. The agency offers compassionate and caring assistance to both birth parents who are considering placement of their child for adoption and prospective adoptive parents who wish to grow their families through the adoption process.”

Destiny Adoption Services



“Destiny Adoption Services and Consulting supports and guides birth parents and adoptive families on the journey of adoption. We’re a state-licensed adoption agency with over 40 years of nonprofit adoption experience, and our professional team of experts provides compassion combined with trusted resources and skills. Our agency was founded on the intention and determination to provide the highest standard of services, support, and advocacy for birth parents, adoptive families, and children.”

If you are wondering about the fees given to an adoption agency, I suggest that you visit this article with a video. Here, they explain exactly where the funds go that is paid to an adoption agency, which can give you a greater understanding of all the fees that take place in adoption. It also provides you more details regarding what you can expect from an adoption agency as far as their services and what you are paying for.

I hope this list of adoption agencies, along with the additional links provided in this article, has been a great resource for you while you search through adoption agencies in Florida. Remember to ask questions and take your time while you find the best adoption agency for your family and adoptive situation. They are here to help us and comfort us through this journey, which is so beneficial because there are so many conditions to meet to complete an amazing adoption.




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