If you are in the state of Ohio and looking to adopt or place your baby for adoption, you’ve come to the right place. First, let me tell you that you are making such a brave decision, no matter what position you are in on the adoption triad. For birth parents, placing your baby for adoption is such an amazingly selfless thing to do. This decision is such an act of love for the baby growing inside you. For prospective adoptive parents, I believe your heart is so special! Whatever made you decide on adoption to grow your family, your decision is also an act of love that lasts a lifetime. This journey will be intense, but some people are here to help you through it. One of the major decisions you will make is choosing one out of the many adoption agencies in Ohio. Your decision is very important and will play a drastic role in the adoption. Here we will explore adoption agencies in Ohio and give you a better understanding of their role and where to begin. Before you look into adoption agencies in Ohio, I recommend that you research adoption in Ohio and inform yourself of the processes and laws that apply.

I’d like to offer as much information as possible regarding Ohio adoption. Before you start searching through adoption agencies in Ohio, it is best to research and know the important information that you will need throughout this process. If you do this, you will know what is expected of an adoption agency and the correct questions to ask them. Since every state has its own adoption laws and processes, researching state-specific information on adoption is important. Kylee Hooper provides us an Ohio Adoption Guide. This provides everything you need to know about adoption in Ohio and gives us general information and resources about adopting in Ohio. This article provides specific information for domestic infant adoption, foster adoption, international adoption, and stepparent adoption. If you are wondering what the adoption requirements are in the state of Ohio, she provides a listing of these requirements for you. You will also find additional links to resources for adoption in Ohio that may assist you in gaining all the information you will need and things to consider. Lita Jordan also provides an awesome article titled, “Adoption in Ohio.” If you are considering adopting in Ohio, you definitely need to check this one out! She navigates through the adoption process in Ohio, detailing the requirements and information on home studies. She then provides information on the waiting period and laws specific to adoption in Ohio.

Now that you have studied and know more information you will need for your adoption, let’s explore adoption agencies in Ohio!

So, what exactly is an adoption agency? At Adoption.com, you can find the definition of an adoption agency on the wiki page. Their definition states:  “An adoption agency is a business that is licensed by the state—or states in which it operates—to handle the placement of children in adoptive homes. Licensing procedures are different for the placements of children through the foster care system, through private adoption, and international adoption. An adoption agency can be licensed for one or more types of placement if it meets all state requirements. In the case of international adoption, an adoption agency must also meet the country’s requirements. A public adoption agency operates within the framework of a state or county government and is funded by state and federal funds. A private adoption agency is an independent business that operates with funds provided by client fees for its services. A private adoption agency may be incorporated, operate as a partnership, or exist as another type of legal entity. Most private adoption agencies are nonprofit entities (meaning that the profits at the end of the fiscal year are channeled back into the agency, after paying all salaries, operating expenses, etc.), and a few are for-profit (meaning that the profits are distributed after paying all salaries, operating expenses, etc.)” This definition gives us an idea of the situations needing an adoption agency. Whether you are looking to adopt an infant, adopt through foster care, or adopt internationally, you will need the help of an adoption agency to help you navigate through all processes of the adoption. This is why adoption agencies are so important and heavily needed, no matter what your adoption journey looks like.

In 2014, I placed a baby for adoption, and I am not sure what I would have done without an adoption agency guiding me through it all. They were there to answer all of my questions and helped me stay confident in my decision. They were there when I first met the baby’s parents that I was able to choose myself. They provided me with so many resources to help me along my journey as a birth mother, especially while I was pregnant. They even visited me at the hospital and helped me with all the paperwork that was needed to be completed. They were there and provided support through the legal process after birth and were always available if needed. The adoption agency was a huge role in my adoption journey, and I know they played a huge role in the adoptive parents’ lives as well!

So, where should you start in your search through adoption agencies in Ohio? For your convenience, Adoption.com provides an adoption service provider search by state. For adoption agencies in Ohio, you can find the state-specific listing.  Let’s take a look at these adoption agencies in Ohio that are listed and some of the specific information that is given for each.

Building Blocks Adoption Service

This adoption agency in Ohio was established in 1997 and has completed over 2,000 adoptions. They are licensed in the state of Ohio and are members of the NCFA (National Council for Adoption), BBB (Better Business Bureau), and the ODJFS (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services). They are located in the city of Medina. Please visit the link above for further contact information and take a look at this adoption agency’s statement below:

“Whether you are a birth parent seeking to place your child for adoption or an adoptive family seeking to adopt, we are here to guide you Adoption as an Act of Love
Building Blocks Adoption Service Inc. (BBAS.org) is a State of Ohio Adoption Agency working with those who are seeking to adopt or place a child for adoption. Our private adoption agency works together with birth mothers seeking to place their child(ren) for adoption and with qualified loving adoptive parents. Additionally, we can provide adoption help to birth mothers with placing their child of any age through private adoption.”

Caring For Kids, Inc

This adoption agency in Ohio was established in 1995 and is centrally located in Cuyahoga, Ohio. Please see the link above for further contact information such as phone, email, website, and address information. Also, take a look at the statement given by Caring For Kids, Inc. below.

“You don’t have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone. CFK offers confidential, no-obligation, and supportive services at no cost to you and will help you explore options regarding adoption/or parenting choices. Call or email 24 hours/day.”

Heart to Heart Adoptions – Ohio

This adoption agency in Ohio is a nonprofit adoption agency. They work with adoptive families and birth mothers throughout the entire United States. Please visit the link above for telephone, email, and website contact information. Additionally, see the Heart to Heart Adoption statement provided below.

“The Mission of Heart to Heart Adoptions is to:
– Support birth mothers in their decision to place their children for adoption while giving them the opportunity for improved quality of life.
– Find children and provide a positive and supportive adoption experience for adoptive families, while reducing their financial and emotional risk.
– Always act in the best interest of the adoptee.
– Maintain an environment governed by inspiration, integrity, mutual respect, and fiscally sound practices.”

These adoption agencies in Ohio have the experience you need to help with your adoptive situation. If you are a birth parent looking to place your baby for adoption, these agencies will completely inform you of all of your options. They will answer your long list of questions, and they will comfort you during this time while you make such an important decision for your baby’s life. If you are a prospective adoptive parent searching for a baby or child to adopt to provide a loving and stable home and forever family, these agencies are here for you. They will provide you with all the information you need and help you with the processes needed to complete an adoption. They will assist in bringing both adoptive and birth parents together to form the best plan possible for the child.

If you are considering adopting a child through foster care, you will still need to contact an adoption agency in Ohio to help get you started on your journey. According to Ohio.gov, about 16,000 children are needing a stable and loving home environment through a foster family. For these children, adoption through foster care can provide a forever, stable, and loving home that each one of these children so desperately needs. Check out this article written by Julia K. Porter. It is titled, “Foster Care Ohio” and provides us with information that is needed regarding foster care in Ohio. Julia writes, “The future of foster care is worrisome to many. With fewer individuals signing up to foster and the number of children entering the system growing, there is a real need for individuals to open their homes to children in need. If you’re considering foster care in Ohio, this article will help you get started!” She puts in perspective the importance and need for foster care right now and really makes us think about these children who are in need. She also includes the key points on how and where to start, the requirements needing to foster a child in Ohio, the training needed to complete, the costs that are involved as well as the supportive resources for foster families. If you are looking into fostering to adopt in the state of Ohio, you definitely want to check this resource out. Foster care adoption is a great way to care for a child in need and grow your family through adoption.

Just like domestic and international adoption, the first step in fostering to adopt is choosing an adoption agency in Ohio. Ohio.gov provides an extensive list of adoption agencies in Ohio that are qualified and state certified to help individuals grow their families through adoption, including foster care adoption. There are more than 150 adoption agencies in Ohio listed here which include the name of the agency and location, including a map. Furthermore, all the agencies are listed in alphabetical order with a link attached for each adoption agency. Each link will bring you directly to information about each agency. For example, A New Leaf, Inc. is listed as an adoption agency. Their link brings us to the full information for this agency including address, telephone information, and a brief statement from the agency. Their statement can be found below:

“In 2003, we began providing foster care and respite services for central/southern Ohio. We recognized a need for quality foster families to promote safety and well-being and a need for our staff to be mobile and support foster families in their own communities. This became and remains our mission. Our success results from our staff and our foster parents’ commitment to excellence and their dedication to each child in care. We understand children have a voice and need caregivers that listen – as caregivers have a voice and need an agency that listens. This is our commitment at A New Leaf.” It sounds like this adoption agency in Ohio specializes in foster care and would be a great start to anyone looking into fostering near Circleville, OH.

Adoption agencies in Ohio are ready to help families grow and to help provide homes for children in need. Whether you are looking to adopt a baby, place your baby for adoption, or provide a nurturing environment for a child to flourish in this world, take your time and review all the adoption agencies in Ohio. I’m sure that you will know when you’ve found the right one because it will feel like it was meant to be.



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