It could have been their worst nightmare: their child disappearing.  When you place your child in a daycare, you trust the daycare workers to keep your child well cared for and safe.  But for the Still family of Arkansas their day care provider almost succeeded in kidnapping and adopting out their daughter.

According to this news article, Ashley and Christian Still have three children, the youngest being a five-month-old daughter who was watched by Lasonya Poindexter at her daycare. However, the family was unaware that Lasonya was taking their daughter across state lines to meet a family in Kansas.  This family was hoping to adopt the baby, as Lasonya had told them the birth mother had been raped and could not emotionally handle raising the child. Thankfully the plot was discovered, and Lasonya is now being charged with attempted kidnapping.

There were many suspicious events that had previously occurred. Often the Still’s daughter’s clothes were changed from what she had been wearing in the morning.  In an interview with KOAMTV,, they stated one evening when they went to pick up their daughter, their daughter and Lasonya were not there.  They were probably on a visit with the hopeful adoptive couple, but Lasonya’s sister contrived up a story to cover their absence. The scheme started to unravel when Christian lost his job and the family did not need daycare anymore.

On the other side, the adoptive couple was becoming suspicious because they had seen the Still family on Facebook and they looked to be a happy family. The two families contacted each other, and the scam was unraveled.

Before the truth came out, the hopeful adoptive family had at least 4 visits with the child and had started buying baby items. The Still family feels sorry for this family, as they realize this couple really thought for a while that they were going to adopt this baby.

Christian wonders what could have been the outcome if he hadn’t lost his job.  The outcome could have been very different.