This sad video is the experiences of a little girl, now age 14, who only knows a life of abuse. She was born to drug addicted parents who lost custody of their children for a time. When she was moved into foster care, this child was not protected. After being returned to her mother, then taken from her and placed back with her father, the abuse only seemed to get worse.

When she attended school, this girl would try to cover her bruises and other signs of abuse, but she says, “You can’t cover choke marks.” And yet no one asked. She hoped someone would notice and get her into a safe environment, but until her aunt entered her life, there was no one speaking up for her.

It is the hope that children who are placed in foster care will be able to be reunited with their birth families because of positive changes these adults will make. Sadly, too often they are returned before proper change happens and the children are abused more drastically. Such was the case of this child. She hopes that victims will call out for help and that adults who wonder about a child’s condition will report it.