Most people are curious about their biological family tree. Robin Adair Passey gave birth at fourteen years old and placed her child for adoption. She never knew what became of her little girl who “she had held just long enough to count her fingers and toes.” Years later, she began searching for her daughter but had minimal information to help in that search.  

Robin’s biological daughter, Becky Skousen, grew up in a loving home and never intended or cared to find out any information about her birth mother.

But they had both placed information on the website, ‘MyHeritage DNA.’ If a match is found, this website contacts both parties, in this case, the biological mother and biological daughter. The involved parties must independently decide if they will contact each other and meet. As it turned out, both Robin and Becky agreed to meet.

All of the years of separation made their touching reunion quite emotional. And in spite of previous doubts, bother have happy that they have the chance to learn about each other.

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