Many people who are adopted, if it’s not an open adoption, wonder about their biological family. That was no different for Sue Chapman.

Sue knew her biological mother, but the mother would not share much information about her biological father other than where she was conceived. In her search for her father, Sue placed an article in that town’s local paper which resulted in success!

The North West Star reported, “Now a thrilled Ms. Chapman contacted Fairfax Media on Sunday, June 4 to say she has found her father . . . She said a DNA test led her to her great grandmother and through a contact with a second cousin she found a man who had written a book about living in Mount Isa.”

Sue contacted her father and was very excited to speak with him and have his acceptance. She found out that he and her mother had been in love and in a serious relationship but after the mother became pregnant were separated by an aunt.  He had known he had a daughter and was elated that he would now get to know her. They have been speaking on the phone and hope to meet in person soon.

Sue said, “I could never have imagined how much I would have cried from sheer excitement and emotion from finding my Dad. He is so excited also and he said he is proud to announce that he is my Dad.”

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