Awkward “Parking Lot” Conversations And How to Handle Them

Sometimes, people ask some pretty crazy and insensitive things. Here's what to do when that happens.

Virginia Spence September 03, 2018

People say the dumbest things. Some folks just don’t think before they speak. If you are an adoptive, foster, or even blended family, you most likely will hear people ask some pretty crazy and insensitive things. These conversations may take place in some awkward places like restaurants, checkout lines, and parking lots—usually in front of your children—and will leave you scratching your head in incredulity. Here are a few awkward conversations that happened in public places to real adoptive families and how they handled them.


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Virginia Spence

Virginia Spence and her husband Eric are the proud parents of two awesome boys who joined their family via domestic infant adoption. Their journey through infertility and into the world of adoption awoke in her a passion for life at all ages/stages, especially the tiniest lives in the womb and the women who carry them, and a desire to champion the cause of those who choose to adopt. Virginia desires to be a voice for adoption through advocacy and education as well as an encouragement to those suffering through infertility. Virginia loves to read and considers herself a coffee connoisseur. When she isn't writing or drinking giant mugs of coffee, Virginia can be found watching Paw Patrol and racing hot wheel cars with her boys.

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