Making the news in U.S. News & World Report this week is the absolute financial benefit of adopting through foster care. Besides not requiring exorbitant agency fees, the state covers court costs that would normally be the responsibility of the adoptive parents. In addition, there are adoption tax credits and medical subsidy for children adopted through foster care. Sometimes college tuition waivers are granted to those children.

The only upfront cost is the home study that is required before a child can be placed in either a foster or adoptive home. Often, even that cost may be reimbursed through employment benefits.

Besides being financially prudent, adopting through foster care is rewarding. The median age of adoptable foster children is eight-and-a-half. Waiting children are extremely grateful when they are adopted into a loving, permanent home. It is not without its trials though. Sometimes trust takes a while to develop. Especially for those who have been bounced around from place to place. It may take some time for the child to really believe their adoptive parents will stick around.

The full report on the benefits of adopting through foster care may be read here.