What Seven Birth Parents Want to Tell the World

These birth parents were asked "If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?" Here are their amazing responses.

Kira Mortenson September 09, 2014

When my husband and I were working on getting approved to adopt, we didn’t even think about having an open adoption. Then we went to a panel of birth parents sharing their experiences of placing their children for adoption, and that all changed. We realized they were people just like us and that they had more love in their hearts than anyone we had ever met. These birth parents were asked, “If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?”  Here are their amazing responses.

1. Breanna

"Adoption is a selfless act! It's so easy to change your mind and be selfish; but is that really what you want for your baby? I chose to place because I wanted a better life for my daughter than I could have given her. I chose the best parents for my daughter, and I know my daughter will be well taken care of. What's the greatest thing is that I have an open adoption, which is even better! We have a special bond that will never be broken!"

2. Kris

"It has been a bittersweet experience. The best thing I could have done for my son. And it gave me the opportunity to meet two of the best and kindest people I've ever known."

3. Krista

"I would like people to know that I didn't give my son up for adoption; I carefully and thoughtfully placed my son for adoption. I have never had a regret or second thought about this wonderful experience."

4. Jori

"For me, adoption has and will always be about love! I wanted more for my baby. I couldn't give her all that she needed. So I placed her needs before my own. It was the hardest and best decision I have ever made. Seeing her grow and watching how happy she is reassures my choice to place her every day. My birth mother did the same for me. I love her for that! I know adoption is not the best choice for everyone, but it is a great choice for many."

5. Shannon

"Not all birth mothers are rebellious single teenagers. I was a pregnant 29-year-old wife and mother of a 2-year-old who was in a scary and unsafe domestic situation. I placed my second-born child to protect him."

6. Karen

"I think that sometimes people think that I must have not cared about my son if I could place him for adoption. They think it would be too hard to do if you really loved your baby. But I placed him 36 years ago because I loved him. I thought of him first, not myself."

7. Suzanna

"I did not give up on my children. I gave them a life that would be happy and beneficial. I can't imagine what my life would be like without the option of adoption. It's more rewarding and positive than anyone could imagine."

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Kira Mortenson

Kira became a mother through adoption twice and once through a high-risk pregnancy. She and her husband opened their hearts to open adoption five years ago and now enjoy a beautiful relationship with their children's birth mothers, who are best friends, and their son's birth father. She has served as a co-chair for a chapter of Families Supporting Adoption, and enjoys doing adoption presentations for schools in her community. When she isn't changing poopy diapers and making mac n cheese, she spends her time teaching dance, attempting to exercise, and spending time with her husband, Mike. Instagram ID: Kiralm

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