Tuesday night in Aston, Pennsylvania, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his plan to offer child care and maternity tax credit. This plan, he specifically stated, includes parents of adopted children and foster children. His proposed plan is generous for families with children and does not exclude parents who choose to stay at home to care for the children rather than be in the work force.

The plan includes paid maternity leave and is indicative of his aim to create a greater equality in our country for working individuals. Currently, the United States does not require employers to offer paid maternity leave.

Additionally, Trump made it clear that the cost of this financial break for parents would not be a burden to employers. That is, it will not cost employers any more to hire women than to hire men.

For a full breakdown of Mr. Trump’s proposal, go to his official website where he outlines the plan in detail.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton has also spoken about her passion for foster care and adoption. Learn more about her perspective on the topic here.