The Houston Chronicle picked up a story about a 4-year-old Sierra Leone girl known as Sweetie Sweetie. After her father and sister died of Ebola, her mother contracted the disease. Taken by ambulance, Sweetie Sweetie climbed in with her mother and stayed with her at the hospital, encouraging her to take her medicine and cleaning her up, always by her side. When her mother died, Sweetie Sweetie was taken to a group home.

The World Health Organization estimates that thousands have died from Ebola, with thousands more infected. This is leaving orphans with no one to take them in. The streets are getting more and more crowded with children and youth who have no place to call home and no one to call family. With the children having to fend for themselves, fewer and fewer will go to school. It is a downward spiral.

Sweetie Sweetie is available for adoption and seems to know it. When a visitor stopped in at the group home recently she asked, “Do you want me?”