Hoping to raise awareness as well as funds (the goal is 50,000 pounds), 13 caregivers are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in February. The 11-day climb is steep and difficult, as Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa. With temperatures ranging from very, very hot at the bottom, to extremely cold at the top, the climb will test the strength and persistence of all involved.

The group is climbing to raise funds for The Rees Foundation. The organization supports “young people and adults who’ve had foster care or residential care experience. [They] make sure that anyone with care experience can get the support they need to help them achieve their maximum potential.” The organization’s method to achieving their results is connecting people to each other. Welcoming mentors and those who are requesting support, people are matched up to share and help each other. The Rees Foundation also offers networking, training, and financial support.

Those wishing to participate in the goals of the Rees Foundation are invited to mentor, fund-raise, volunteer, or even research. Donations are also appreciated.