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What is Funding Love?

In a world where support can make all the difference, Tim and Malorie Elrod are making an impact. Their journey through adoption led them to the creation of Funding Love, a nonprofit aimed at helping adoptive families and birth mothers enjoy much-needed, affordable vacations at Walt Disney World.

“For many adoptive families, the Happily Ever After that people on the outside-looking-in assume, just isn’t reality. Often, families are left to navigate how to bond as a new family unit on their own, while mounds of debt from court fees, counseling, therapy bills, new medical bills, and more, are piling up on the kitchen counter.”

The Beginning

Tim and Malorie started Funding Love in 2018 with support from family and friends. They saw a gap in post-adoption support and wanted to fill it.

“Disney World has been the place where millions of families form stronger bonds and valuable memories to last a lifetime, but for many adoptive families, the cost of that type of vacation is just out of the question. That’s where the idea of Funding Love began.”

Initially, they sponsored trips to Disney World for adoptive families, later expanding to include birth mothers. In 2021 Funding Love recognized the need to support and serve all entities of the adoption triad by launching their Birth Mom Program that “sends birth mothers on all-expenses-paid vacations to meet and build community with women that share their similar, life-changing experience of adoption.”

Making Vacations Possible

Funding Love covers all expenses for these trips, allowing families to relax and bond without financial worries. Despite challenges like the pandemic, they’ve continued to provide these vacations, making a difference in over 50 families’ lives.

Getting Involved

There are many ways to support Funding Love:

Why It Matters

Organizations like Funding Love provide crucial support for families navigating the adoption journey. By easing financial burdens and fostering connections within the adoption community, they make a real difference.

Making a Difference, One Vacation at a Time

Funding Love’s impact extends beyond vacations—it’s about empowering families and creating lasting connections. Visit to learn more and join the mission to help make dreams come true for adoptive families and birth mothers.