The best part of this whole video is that it is filmed by the big brother. Even though the brother films the movie documentary style, you can still tell his excitement throughout the whole process. Another beautiful part of the video is the adoptive fathers who get to see where their children were found. This is not a luxury most international adoption situations have. It is rare that they know any background on the child except for they were found or abandoned.

After a long journey (literally and figuratively), this family sees their baby girl for the first time. The look of relief, excitement, and love is palpable throughout the whole room.

International adoption is certainly an incredibly long, hard, draining adventure, but this video shows how well worth the wait it is. Jenna was one of 6.400 kids adopted from China in 2006, more than 90% of which were girls. As the video points out, there are many more children in the US and around the world who will not be adopted.