According to reports from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Michell Momox-Caselis, age 16 months, was found dead in her crib shortly after police found her foster father dead from apparent suicide in his car on October 12, 2014. She had been in two foster homes after she and her six siblings were taken from their parents by the state.

Following the October 22nd memorial service for Michell, W. West Allen (the court-appointed attorney for Michell and her siblings) promised to continue pressing for answers and for justice.  He said he will focus efforts to be sure the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services conduct a thorough review of Michell’s case.

Michell’s parents and siblings were all present at the funeral, as well as her first foster family who recounted happy moments with the cheerful child. Momox stated that he and his wife would be getting an apartment and working toward getting their remaining children back.  “I still need to fight for my other children that I have, and I just want justice,” he said.