The Oasis Community Center has gathered Christmas wish lists for 177 children in need through questing individuals and groups to donate gifts. The children are requested to write down the items they need (clothing, school supplies, etc) and things they want (toys, electronics, etc)

For foster parents who are wondering how they can make holiday season special for the children and youth in their care, AboutParenting offers tips. They also remind us that we may have some in our care who celebrate Kwanzaa or Hannukah and offer ideas for celebrating those holidays.

Those in the Long Beach community who wish to participate each year are given a copy of a single child’s wish list and are asked to commit to spending $50 per child. The Long Beach Post reported that nearly as quickly as the requests went out, they were filled. The Adopt-a-Child 2014 program has closed because all 177 children have been matched with sponsors.