We signed up for Parent Profiles in mid-February and the first contact we had from our son’s birth parents was near the end of May. They wrote us an email and we corresponded for a few weeks and agreed to meet toward the end of June. We met with the birth mother regularly after that, and we met the birth father (who lived in another city) when he visited in August. He returned to be here for the birth so we were able to spend even more time together before our son was born at the end of September. We all got along very well and our daughter adored both of the birth parents and was fascinated by the idea that the baby in the birth mommy’s tummy would be her brother!

We have an open adoption with our 3.5 year old daughter’s birth family and said in our profile that we preferred to have an open adoption again. Fortunately, our son’s birth parents also wanted an open adoption. We plan to send monthly photos and updates for the first year, with a minimum of quarterly updates/photos after that. Even though our son’s birth mom was living in our city at the time of the birth, she is moving to another state so our current plan is to have the birth parents visit at least once a year if they can. She has visited us a few times and had time to hold the baby and play with him. Our son’s birth dad was able to hold and enjoy the baby in the hospital before having to return home. They kindly allowed us to take photos of them with our son, which we will put in his baby album.

We’d like each of our children to know how much love and care their birth parents put into the decision to place them for adoption and how truly blessed we feel to have been chosen as their parents.

We derived hope from seeing other success stories and hope to give back. We are grateful to Parent Profiles for helping us make an adoption connection.