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The reality show celebrity Patti Stanger has an interest in adoption. She, herself, was adopted and raised by Jewish parents in New Jersey. The bold, outspoken star has helped many find love and believes that discovering her roots will get her closer to matching herself with the right partner. And so, back in 2012 Patti hired a private detective to help her begin the search for her birth family. The 54-year-old matchmaker hasn’t shared much since beginning the search over three years ago.

As Patti has been searching for her own birth family, she’s discovered that she, herself, would like to be a mother. “I really want to adopt a child . . . I want to be called ‘Mom.’ It really is the most beautiful word in the English language,” she told Life & Style Magazine. Patti continued:  “I’d like to adopt an older child, maybe 5 years old. And although I appreciate the Angelina Jolies of the world going overseas to get children, I really want to adopt at home.” She also told Life & Style that she isn’t opposed to becoming a step-mother before adding to her family through adoption.

If Patti decides to become a mother through adoption before settling in with a lifelong partner, she will join the ranks of other famous single mothers including Charlize Theron, whose adoption of her second child was reported in August 2015. For Patti, becoming a mother trumps being with a boyfriend who doesn’t want children, as evidenced by her breakup in 2010 after six years with Andy Friedman.

At the beginning of the adoption decision-making process, Patti opened up to Fox 411 Pop Tarts about her desires:  “I just feel an affinity for a child who is starting to understand the world without a mom or a dad. It breaks my heart. There are so many children in America who don’t have homes because they’re not babies. And I’m open to an older child too, three to five years old.” Stanger, who was adopted herself, continued. “I would like a boy because I want to raise him to be a gentleman, but I will take any child that comes to me—girl or boy—or even twins.”  In the same interview she shared her regrets over the abortion she experienced at age 26, wondering if it would “be my last shot at having a child.”