In Minnesota, it’s never too late to report a criminal sexual act against a minor. The statute of limitations does not go into effect until 3 years after the offense has been reported to law enforcement.

CBS Minnesota reported this week on the charges brought against 59-year-old Daniel Alvin Hennen by a woman who has come forward 20 years after being in his foster care. As many as 70 children were placed in his care in the 80s and 90s, and it is unknown how many of them were similarly abused.

It is hoped that other victims will come forward. “It’s important for these victims to get a voice and come forward and talk about what happened, and hopefully they can recover from that,” stated Detective Brian Cade. Detective Cade found several pictures of the woman who recently reported the crime when he searched Hennen’s home.

After being convicted in 2002 of child sexual abuse, Hennen admitted there were more victims but refused to name them.