Chris and Kelli Diller of Chanute, Kansas became foster parents three months ago. In an interview with The Chanute Tribune they describe the life change foster parenting has brought them.  “It’s been a huge adjustment from our home life before because we were empty nesters,” she said. “There’s kids in the home again so there’s more laundry, more cooking, more cleaning.” They also said that there is more laughter and joy in their home as well, which makes this a positive, life-changing experience.

“We went into foster care because we knew of the need and we still felt like we had lots of love to give,” she said. The Dillers recognize the importance of providing a stable home to a child who does not have one. It’s not to say that foster care does have its challenges, but the Dillers say the rewards outweigh those challenges. “When you know that you have taught a child something or they have stepped to the next milestone, it helps you sleep easier at night to know that you can’t change the whole world but you can help one kid at a time,” says Kelli

Foster care is for anyone who has love in their heart and wants to make a difference in someones life.  “Foster care is kind of a harbor in the middle of a storm,” says Chris. “They have a storm in their lives, and they didn’t cause it, but foster care is a place where the situation gets rectified.” Mrs. Diller adds, “If we can do foster care, anybody can.”

Learn more about becoming a foster parent by contacting your state’s Department of Child and Family Services.