Tyler from Florida

Florida Department of Children & Families

  • Age16
  • GenderM
  • LocationFlorida
  • Case #12457839
Tyler is a very smart, witty, funny, and athletic young man. He describes himself as someone who often thinks about others before himself. Tyler is very passionate about music and he loves to listen to rap and country music over any other genre. Tyler loves all sports, especially basketball and football. Tyler recognizes that he needs a family that will provide him with structure so he can become the best person he can be, even though he doesn't like the directions given at times. With that structure, he also desires some freedom to be a kid and parents that understand that he has lived a rough life and has had to take care of himself for many years. Tyler can make friends easily and is anxious to become part of a family. He desire to maintain contact with his biological family. Can your family be the one that can provide Tyler with love and acceptance, along with the balance of structure and freedom that he needs?