Hulk from Pennsylvania

Statewide Adoption Network Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

  • Age6
  • GenderM
  • LocationPennsylvania
  • Case #C23AB54
Hulk is a vibrant and active young boy whose smile will brighten any room. He is very friendly and does not hesitate to offer a polite greeting to new faces. Hulk loves superheroes, like himself, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hulk is looking for a permanent family who can accommodate his energetic personality. Hulk just started attending school and is succeeding at grade level. With Hulk's lively nature, he occasionally needs to be redirected, but will return to his task diligently. When Hulk is not in school, he enjoys spending time playing games on an iPad, riding his bike, and actively playing throughout his day. Hulk will not hesitate to display his gymnastic abilities to an attentive audience. Like his personality and interests, Hulk also enjoys an eclectic array of foods. If given the opportunity, he will never pass up the chance to enjoy any of his favorites such as crab legs, pizza, or yogurt. Hulk maintains weekly contact with his birth mother and baby sister. Hulk's potential new family must be willing to preserve those connections for him. In the home, Hulk would be most successful as an only child so that he can cultivate the strong bond he wishes to have with a family. A family with an open and patient support network would be great for this dynamic fella. Hulk is not yet legally free for adoption however termination of parental rights will be pursued upon identification of a permanent family. For more information about Hulk, please contact his recruiter, Mackenzie, at
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