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Christina from Texas



from Texas

Christina is a sweet, caring, active girl. She is very social and does well interacting with new adults and children. She can come off as shy at first but opens up once she gets to know someone. While Christina enjoys playing outside with other children, she prefers to be indoors watching tv, and learning to play instruments such as guitar and drums. Christina enjoys spending time with her sibling. She also enjoys spending time with her caregiver as she enjoys the feeling of being in a loving, caring, and protective family. She enjoys movie nights as well as family outings to church and eating at restaurants. Christina also enjoys being at home as she enjoys snacking on her favorite snacks such as Takis, Mexican sweet bread, and anything sweet.

Christina would do well with a family that will shower with praise, love, care, and attention, as she enjoys spending time with others. She is able to adjust and adapt to any home and family. Christina would benefit from a family that is active, patient, and energetic, as Christina enjoys traveling, eating at restaurants and being outdoors. She would benefit from a family that has a strong support system, is resourceful in having ongoing support, is able to locate resources needed for Christina, and has experience with parenting and fostering. Christina truly wants to have a family that will always love her, care for her, and allow her to participate in activities.

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