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Jerome from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age8
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79021

Jerome is a friendly child who is very funny. Some of his favorite things include playing outside, playing with his brothers, eating, and watching TV. He has a desire to participate in church-related activities like singing in the choir and being in the youth ministry. While Jerome is a funny child, he is quiet; meaning, he takes a while to warm up to you and listens carefully before speaking. He does not upset easily and takes direction very well. He is bonded to all of his brothers. Jerome enjoys school, though he has had some difficulties with reading. Jerome does well in school with one-on-one assistance. Jerome is excited to be adopted with his brothers. He is ready and willing to be a part of a permanent, loving family.

Jamail, Jerome, and Jermiah have a very close bond with each other and desire to be adopted into a loving family. Jamail is very close to his brothers. They enjoy playing together while looking out for each other's best interests. Jamail, being the oldest brother, is very keen on making sure their needs are being met. He is very protective of Jerome and Jermiah and they seem to look up to him. Jerome and Jermiah rarely get into arguments with Jamail. Jerome is the quiet one of the group and tends to follow after his brothers as long as they are doing what is right from his viewpoint. Jermiah is the lively one in the group; he likes to tell jokes, laugh, and do things to gain attention. Sometimes Jermiah's emotions cause him to become frustrated and need space to work through his issues.

Jerome desires to be a part of a home that has a mother and a father. His family must be loving, active, and consistent. Jerome's family must be willing to adopt him, along with his two brothers. Jerome could benefit from a family who has a strong focus on academics and is proactive in their children's schooling and progress. Jerome's family will provide nurturing and an emotional connection that is created and sustained overtime. Jerome's family will have consistent rules, clear goals and reinforce positive behaviors with praise and rewards. The home environment will be highly structured and loving. The ideal family will attend church regularly and be willing to let Jerome and his brothers participate in extracurricular activities.