Jesus from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81667

Jesus (who goes by Jesse) is humorous and loves to make people laugh and smile. He is a very active youth who loves playing team sports, including basketball and football. Like his brother Joey, he loves to talk about sports too. Jesse also loves video games and being outdoors. When Jesse applies himself, he does very well and can achieve all of his goals. He is a smart youth who knows his strengths. Jesse places great value on the relationship he has with his brothers and is a social teen who enjoys being with like-minded peers. He is an independent youth, but still needs support and encouragement to achieve his goals.

Jose, Jesus, and Juan (who prefer to go by Joey, Jesse, and Johnny) are tight-knit brothers who have experienced a lot together. They have a very strong bond with each other and are very dedicated to being adopted together. This terrific trio loves to spend time outdoors and play sports. They enjoy activities like camping and hiking. They are very competitive and like to see who can outdo the other. Joey is the quietest of the group. He likes to play sports and video games. Jesse is the comedian of the bunch. He likes to have fun and make others laugh. Johnny is very polite and well-mannered. Jose, Jesus, and Juan like to keep each other on their toes. They are funny and have big personalities. They can be slow to warm up, but with those they are comfortable with, they are warm and friendly. Joey, Jesse, and Johnny have many friends in church and place importance on religion.

Jesse would like a family with a mother and a father. His family will need to be very committed to him as he learns his role in the family. They will need to be patient as he learns the rules and expectations. Jesse needs unconditional love and acceptance as he bonds with the family to increase his feelings of safety and security. His transition with the family may be slow and he will need a high level of support. Jesse needs a very structured home environment with clear rules and boundaries. He does best when he knows the expectations.

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