Jorge from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82618

Jorge loves being outdoors, but can also spend time reading and drawing indoors. He loves to ride go-carts, go fishing, hike, and play soccer. Jorge is a quiet and calm child. He is very easy-going and goes with the flow. He rarely argues or talks back and is a very well-behaved and loving child. Jorge can be reserved when he first meets people, but if he is given time he will open up and talk. He loves creating things outdoors. One day he had three sticks, grass clippings, and some rope and made an intricate tee-pee out of them. Jorge sees things through an artist perspective and is always looking for something new to make. He loves to draw and craft things. Jorge needs very little instruction when creating things and, with the right supplies, he will spend hours creating things most people would never think to make. Jorge is also willing to make sure everyone in the family is following the rules and will often tell on his brother when he is engaging in undesirable behaviors. Although Jorge is younger than his brother, he assumes the older child role and tends to act like his brother's caretaker.

Jesus and Jorge are very close. They support each other and depend on each other. They love sports, fishing, go-carts, and being active. Although Jesus is the oldest, Jorge acts like the older brother. He feels it?EUR(TM)s his job to help take care of Jesus and make sure he is doing the right thing. Jorge demonstrates patience most of the time with his brother and is always helpful. Jesus is more outgoing; he has never met a stranger. Jorge can come off as reserved, but once he gets to know and trust someone, he never stops talking. Jesus and Jorge may seem to be opposites, but they do not differ in their huge hearts and loving nature. It is easy to love both boys, as they are kind and funny children.

Jorge wants an active family. Although he enjoys inside activities, he would like his family to go out on outings. Jorge would like a relaxed family who will allow him to have multiple hobbies and participate in them with him. He would also love to live in the country. He is a very balanced child and needs a family that is the same. Jorge also needs a family who praises him for a job well done. Jorge and Jesus do not have a preference to remain in Texas, but do not want to move to a busy city.