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Kamden from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81995

Kamden is a funny and imaginative boy! He loves to do puzzles and be creative. He enjoys making food with his easy-bake oven. Kamden loves to be around other people and give hugs. He is very friendly and gets along with adults and peers. Kamden has some feelings of anger and disappointment, but with a caring adult to listen to his feelings, he is easy to redirect when he gets upset. Kamden enjoys being outside and playing on the playground. He has been involved in soccer and enjoyed playing it. Kamden also enjoys going to church and being involved in youth groups. He is always smiling.

Michael, Kamden, and Koen are three sweet and silly brothers who are ready for their forever family! This terrific threesome shares a very close bond with each other. Big brothers, Michael and Kamden, are proud and protective of their baby brother, Koen. The boys love to play outside together and be creative together. They also love to build things with Legos, ride their bikes, and play games. Koen tries his best to keep up with Michael and Kamden, and they are very attentive to him. Michael and Kamden describe Koen as "happy, playful, kind, and chubby." Michael, Kamden, and Koen love each other very much.

Kamden wants to have a nice family that will adopt him and his brothers. He will do well with a family that will be patient during the transition period. His family will be willing to work one-on-one with him in building trust and ensuring he continues to work through his feelings of anger and disappointment. Kamden has shown signs of resentment towards his brothers at times and will benefit from consistent reassurance from his forever family. Families residing in Texas are preferred.