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Kathrine from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81156

Kathrine is an ambitious and insightful youth. She loves to talk about her future and hopes she will be able to accomplish everything she sets her mind to do. She likes to interact with people to make connections. Kathrine likes horses and says she's "a county girl." She prefers to wear boots, sandals, and Chuck Taylor shoes, rather than dressing up. Kathrine enjoys reading books and listening to music to release her stress. She is compassionate and able to relate to others' tribulations. She is always happy to celebrate others' victories; many times putting others before herself. Kathrine is a resilient youth who yearns for a promising future. She likes to play video games and avoid confrontations, if at all possible. Kathrine likes to laugh and enjoys watching comedies. She also participates in choir and likes science class at school.

Kathrine would like to be part of a family who will support her aspirations. She will benefit from a positive environment with consistency and stability. She is a natural nurturer and will benefit from a family who will return the nurturing and help her feel safe. Kathrine needs a stable home in which boundaries and expectations are clearly identified. She has expressed a desire to have a younger brother or sister with which to bond.

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