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Markell from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81024

Markell is an energetic and outgoing youth. He enjoys being active and playing outside with others. Markell enjoys watching television and conversing with others once he warms up to them. Markell is a caring child who is also observant. At times, Markell can display behavioral outbursts. He is learning how to lessen his argumentative position when things are not going the way he would like. He is participating in supportive services that provide positive coping skills and support. Markell looks forward to participating in outings within the community with his siblings and caregivers. Markell finds an interest in attending church. He enjoys music, art, and gym time at his school. Markell is friendly and loves to give and receive attention from others.

Markell, Mya, Makiyla, Maliyah, and Michael have hearts full of hopes and dreams and cannot wait to share with their forever family. This sibling group of five really enjoys playing outdoors and watching television in their spare time. They also enjoy going to the park, watching movies, and playing board games. At times, if one child begins to have an outburst, the other children will follow their lead. However, all of them do well with re-direction and time outs. All five of the children attend supportive services and are benefiting from those services and support. Markell, Mya, Makiyla, Maliyah, and Michael enjoy being in the same foster home so they are able to interact with each other on a regular basis. They are able to function independently but it is recommended that they are supervised. The children look forward to participating in field day at school, summer camps, and activities within the community.

Markell will benefit from a nurturing family who will provide her with attention, love, and affection. The ideal family will ensure Markell continues to participate in supportive services to help him adjust and deal with issues of his past. Patience and positive redirection from the family will be helpful when behavioral issues arise. A family who has a strong desire to adopt Markell and his four siblings is needed. A family who will provide individual and group attention to the children will be best. Markell needs a family who will establish rules and expect Markell to follow the rules. The family's ability to help redirect Markell when he has difficulty focusing will be a plus. Markell will benefit from a family who can help him with achieving his educational milestones. A family who will allow Markell to be independent but still provide supervision and support, is needed. The ideal family will preserve Markell's culture and interests.

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