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Sephiroth from Texas



from Texas

Sephiroth, who prefers to be called Seph, has an outgoing personality, makes friends easily, and likes to express himself freely. He is most comfortable when participating in activities he enjoys. He really appreciates being outdoors; some of his favorite outside activities include basketball, skating, and swimming. He also likes playing video games in the evenings after school. He loves superheroes, such as Batman, Spider-Man and Ironman. He has an active imagination and loves to laugh and joke with people. In school, he may benefit from encouragement at times but loves to read. He likes watching movies, playing Pokemon Go, reading books, and playing outside in the pool. Seph has particular interests in building and engineering; he thrives when tasked to assemble something. He can quickly build a Lego model and loves to help assemble furniture. He also enjoys going to church.

Seph's forever family will be a mom and dad who will be a committed, nurturing family. Seph's family will help guide them through life, with maybe an older sister or brother and a dog or two. Seph's family will be supportive and active.

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