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Michael from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79691

Michael is a fantastic youth who is looking for a family that will call him one of their own. Michael loves basketball, video games, making friends, and watching TV. He also enjoys being active in outdoor activities, collecting things, and singing for fun. Michael can make a light-hearted situation out of most circumstances and takes pleasure in making people laugh. As an example, when asked about allergies, he jokingly stated that he only has "seasonal allergies and well?EUR?homework." Michael is doing great in school and tops his classes with his grades and behavior. His favorite subject is science because it is so hands-on. He is very self-motivated and has aspirations to finish school and go to college one day. Michael is a very clever kid and is well-versed in sports and local news events. He is easy to get to know and likes to get to know people that he meets. He would like to volunteer to help animals someday. Michael has a close relationship with his older sister, who is not part of this adoption. He maintains contact with her through phone calls on a regular basis. Michael would like for families to know that he gets along with people of all ages and would be happy to get to know you if you give him the chance.

When asked about the adoptive family that he is looking for, Michael simply wants "a loving family that would like to spend time with me." Michael would like to find a family that focuses on family group activities and is active in their child's life. Michael will benefit from a home that encourages him on his path for self-success and provides him support and comfort along the way when needed. Michael's ongoing relationship with his sister is important to him and he would like to be able to continue this if possible. Michael has asked for, and will benefit from, a two parent home with siblings. His adoptive family will need to be able to appropriately handle conflicts between Michael and siblings, if they were to occur, as well as any behavior issues that may arise with the new placement. Michael is excited about the idea of adoption and is looking forward to meeting his potential future family.

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