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Mikyra from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age11
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #78738

Mikyra is a spunky youth and has a sweet personality. She likes to help out with chores, especially in the kitchen. Mikyra likes playing on her Nintendo DS game system and playing outside, when the weather is nice. She also likes playing with Barbies, reading books, playing board games, and dancing to music. Mikyra is fun-loving and happy. She enjoys shopping and getting her hair and nails done. She also enjoys riding bikes and spending time with friends. Mikyra is very social and makes friends easily. She interacts well with her peers. Mikyra loves to go to Amy?EUR(TM)s Ice Cream. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Mikyra wants to be part of a family. She needs a family that is understanding and able to help her continue to manage her behaviors. She needs a very loving, energetic, and structured home. Mikyra does best with a consistent routine where she understands expectations and rules. She would like to have a mother and a father. Mikyra hopes for a family that likes to spend a lot of time together. She needs a family that will be patient with her and continue to work with her to reach her full potential.