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Moriama from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81918

Moriama is a sweet and loving teen. She has a very strong-willed personality and a strong mind. Moriama is well-spoken and likes to be heard and acknowledged when something is bothering her. She likes a sense of consistency and stability. Moriama has a sweet spot for her older brother, whom she tends to protect and act motherly towards. She enjoys makeup and doing typical teenage activities, such as social media. She would prefer spending her free time doing things or playing an outdoor game rather than watching television. Moriama tends to be shy at first, but for the most part she is very social. She is a responsible and caring youth. Moriama recently got a hamster and she tends to all of the pet?EUR(TM)s needs without fail. Although Moriama may be hesitant to try new things, she will try new adventures if she feels safe to do so; she is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. Moriama enjoys representing and playing for her school's basketball team!

Julio and Moriama share several similar interests, especially with sports. Julio plays football and Moriama enjoys soccer and basketball. At one point, Moriama was a member of the school orchestra and the volleyball team. Julio enjoys helping others and currently helps out around his foster family?EUR(TM)s store. Julio and Moriama enjoy feeling important and useful. They like to feel independent. Moriama recently got a pet and has proven to be very responsible. Julio enjoys doing outdoor activities and likes to learn how tools work. Julio and Moriama interact well with each other and show affection towards each other. Like most siblings, they get into arguments on occasion, but they display a bond and love towards each other. Julio and Moriama look out for each other and frequently ask about the others?EUR(TM) well-being.

Moriama is ready for adoption and she wants to have a strong say regarding the type of family being sought for her. She is looking for a family where she feels loved, secure, and accepted. She especially wants a family to adopt her and her brother. Moriama will do well with a patient and loving family that is willing to share a common interest, especially with sports. She will thrive with a fun-loving, active family that likes to practice sports. She will also do well in a structured environment that allows her to grow and develop her own interests and hobbies.

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