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Bella from Texas



from Texas

Bella is a loving, kind, and friendly young girl who enjoys reading, dancing, and listening to music. She is very active and likes to be outdoors. Bella loves being in plays, dance recitals, and loves riding her bike in the park. She is a typical teenage girl who loves to go shopping and getting her nails done. Bella likes to be athletic and her favorite sport is volleyball. She has a very good and easy-going personality and is known to be a social butterfly. She likes interacting with her peers and adults and is easy to get along with. Bella likes to help with cooking and baking, and she willingly helps out around the house. She also enjoys down time, relaxing with coloring/drawing and just hanging out and visiting with her friends.

Bella's forever family would best meet Bella's needs by being very patient. Bella's family will not give up on her when she is having a difficult time. Bella is asking for just a single mom.

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