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Gabriel from Texas



from Texas

Gabriel enjoys playing alone, but he also likes being with his peers and going on outings. He enjoys spending time with his brother, who is not a part of this adoption. Gabriel interacts well with his peers and the adults in his home and school. He enjoys going to school and being engaged in school and community activities. Gabriel's favorite toys are cars he can push on the playground and listening to music. He loves to go to theme parks and fish at parks. Gabriel is a very gentle and helpful. He is also very ticklish. Gabriel likes to give hugs and kisses when he meets you. He is friendly, caring, social, and enjoys being with others. Gabriel pays special attention to his appearance, especially his hair. He loves the arts, including drawing, music, theater, and dancing.

Gabriel will benefit from continuity and predictability in his environment. He needs a family who is able to handle his individualized needs and who will show him patience, guidance, and love. Gabriel needs a stable and nurturing family environment that will meet all of his needs. Gabriel will do fine with other children in the home and will need an active family who likes the outdoors. Gabriel would do best with a patient, supportive family with a regular routine. He would do well in a rural area since he loves being outdoors, but could do well in the city.

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