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Tyreese from Virginia

Virginia Department of Social Services

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationVirginia
  • Case #SVA0110766

These two caring siblings have a special bond and take great care of eachother.

Kaila is a quick teenager who loves animals and can be relied upon to take good care of them. She has regularly walked her neighbors dog and also has discovered a zest for horseback riding. Music is another of Kailas many talents. She has taken piano lessons, sings well, and participates in her church choir. Though she has a busy schedule, Kaila likes to spend her free time with family, especially learning to cook from her grandmother.

Tyreese has capitalized on his physical coordination and impressed his karate instructor with his core body strength. He is a fan of the show American Ninja Warriors, and really gets into constructing obstacle challenges in his own back yard. He loves animals and needs lots of space to run and play, be that in a backyard or at a park. Tyreese likes being a helper and he particularly enjoys being outdoors with his grandfather doing yard and garden work, or riding his bike.

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