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Kayleigh from Alabama



from Alabama

Kayleigh, born in 2005, is devoted to singing gospel and 21 pilot songs, and is always looking for a singing partner. Not only does Kayleigh know how to sing, but she is extremely talented with arts and crafts and enjoys making things for the people she loves. Kayleigh loves the colors pink and purple, and she loves everything to do with make-up and jewelry, so prepare to hang out with the "girliest girl" around! This young lady is not competitive at all, and she enjoys participating in team or group activities that are not competitive. Kayleigh's favorite subject is math, and she has actually tutored her peers in this subject before. This child will give you all of her attention, but in return, she expects all of yours. Here is a bright, artistic young lady who wants and deserves a forever family who will love her, understand her, and be there to help teach and guide her through the sometimes troublesome teenage years so that she comes out the other side a happy, well-adjusted, contributing adult. Photo courtesy of