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Anthony from California



from California

Anthony is 13 years of age. Anthony's race is Latino, and Anthony will join an adoptive family as a single child. He is a dependent of Los Angeles County - Placement & Recruitment Unit. His CKC reference number is 501983. Note: No permission is granted to copy or reproduce any text or photographs used in this profile without the written permission of California Kids Connection. Anthony is described as a talkative, creative, and an adventurous youngster. He enjoys going on hikes, playing video games, and going to the movies. He thrives on one-on-one attention and affection. Anthony is enrolled in an art enterprise school which he likes, but struggles with peer relations. Anthony is in therapy learning how to build positive friendships and verbalize his emotions appropriately. Anthony is looking for a family to call his own and has some sense of what his family will be like. Antony pictures himself with a mom and dad or, possibly with a single parent. Most importantly, Anthony longs for an adoptive family that will accept him for who he is while helping him flourish.