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Lafell from California



from California

Lafell is 13 years of age. Lafell's race is African-American, and Lafell will join an adoptive family as a single child. He is a dependent of Los Angeles County - Placement & Recruitment Unit. Lafell is an outgoing, insightful child with a friendly personality. He enjoys spending times with his friends at home and in school. Lafell takes pride in self-care; always dressing himself to look his best and keeping his clothes clean during the day. He takes initiatives, without reminders, to keep his room organized and neat. Lafell is a great helper with house chores. He is good at sports, and enjoys playing football and basketball. Like most children his age, he also enjoys playing video games at home or on a tablet. Lafell has high hopes for his future goals and is currently working hard to improve his academic standings. He receives extra services in school for some subjects and for his behavioral challenges. He utilizes counseling to learn appropriate coping skills and personal boundaries, and to express himself in a socially acceptable manner. Lafell has a close relationship with his maternal great grandfather and maintains consistent visits with him. Lafell hopes that his forever family will allow him to maintain this relationship. If you would like to learn more about Lafell, please submit an inquiry.
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