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Lucia from Colombia



from Colombia

Lucia is a thirteen year old girl , she is reserved, collaborative, she presents herself with good personal and hygiene habits, participates actively in the institution´s activities, is respectful with authority figures. Tends to exercise a parental role with her younger brother (Michael). On an emotional level, Lucia expresses a lot of nostalgia for her mother and her cousins; she says that she would like to see them again to know that they are well. Lucia worries about having an adequate academic process, fulfills her school tasks and duties, likes sports and easily expresses her tastes. In her interaction with the group, she usually acts in a withdrawn way and does not easily or assertively express the reason for her actions. When Lucia was in her family environment, she was a victim of the four types of abuse (sexual, physical, negligent and emotional) generating marked consequences in her ability to interact with unknown third parties and feelings of anxiety, sadness and frustration that are beginning to be worked on in the psychological intervention.
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