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Barrett from European Union



from European Union

Barrett was born in July 2017 from a high-risk twin pregnancy. He had a difficult neonatal course, including low birth weight and cerebral leukomalacia. His current diagnoses are microcephaly, infantile cerebral palsy with spastic quadriparesis and pseudobulbar paresis, as well as localized symptomatic epilepsy and severe developmental delay. Due to absent sucking and swallowing reflexes, Barrett is fed pureed foods through a nasogastric tube. Barrett has good head control, but is not able to sit, crawl, or turn over. He does not reach for objects. An irritable child who cries often, Barrett does not usually engage with his environment, but feels happy in the presence of adults. In moments when attention is showered on him or during individual therapy sessions, he calms, smiles, and shows more physical activity. A family interested in pursuing sweet Barrett should be prepared to meet his evolving life-long medical and developmental needs.
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