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Elle from European Union



from European Union

Elle was born about three months prematurely in February 2018 weighing 930 grams. She has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy - spastic quadriparesis, cerebral atrophy, grade 3 protein enzyme deficiency, and convergent strabismus. Elle’s development is severely delayed and, due at least in part to a lack of appropriate interventions, there’s little to no progress. Elle’s movements are very restricted, but she does react to sounds and sights and briefly reaches for toys and holds them. She enjoys tummy time and is placed into a stander while supervised. Elle uses facial expressions to make known her needs. She laughs loudly during interactions with adults, produces melodious sounds, and reacts when called by name. Elle is dependent entirely on the care of others and is looking for a loving family that can provide for her life-long needs.
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